Borrowed Time

from by C. Vincent Plummer

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a tisket a tasket, poison in the bread basket
while the fish in a black tar casket
oil conglomerates feedin' us disinformation tactics
sellin' us plastics

profits at scale, people subtracted.
the wretched of the earth are still the most impacted.
earnings on the quarterlys are very attractive
but the animals walk around radioactive

and they the changed biochemistry
to a seed so it can't grow and feed families.
yo, buy a licencse from bio enemies.
bioterrorist policies against trees.

while the coal powered rain showers melts all the flowers
nobodies sour. we're all at happy hour drinkin'
gettin' numb, talkin' loud, heavy breathin'
look up at the space shuttle leavin'

you're on borrowed time

lord have mercy...
we can't let the energy companies demonize the word earthy
while they birth the disasters. think we're not worthy
the tap water lights on fire, yo.. i'm thirsty.

they paint the green folks red
they say we cry wolf when we connect the thread.
to the bees droppin' dead
instead, they ridin' momma nature round the sun like a thoroughbred

a long time comin' sings a warning from the whales
it's a lil bear on an ice cap tryin' to sail
but The ice is too frail, you see
cuz It used to be cooler on THIS polar bears tonails, oh hell

there he goes again, talking that shit he went
to circumvent the circus tent, he went and got cement.
he's buildin' a water slide park to pay rent.
cuz the sea water rose 10 percent, but I relent.

you're on borrowed time


from True North, released February 29, 2012



all rights reserved


C. Vincent Plummer Los Angeles, California

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